Nacho Bar

Assortment of Chosen meats, toppings, and sides. Tortilla and Naan Chips are portioned for each person.



Taco Bar

Assortment of chosen meats, toppings, and sides. White Corn tortillas and Flour Tortillas provided.



Grits Bar

Smoked pork and chicken served with choice of pimento cheese grits or butter grits. Toppings and slaw included.




Comes with smoked pork and chicken, toppings, and sides. Buns provided.



Taco Box

Great for lunches! Pick two tacos and a side, it comes with a cookie as well!



Appleteaser Bar

Assortment of our house appetisers. Comes with Tortilla and Naan chips.



Box of 4 kinds of cheese with suggestions of cider, wine, or beer pairings (depending on what you put on tap) by a cheesemonger, under advisement from a World Cheese Judge


$35/per person

We love to get creative. Tell us what you envision, and we'll put together a plan to make that happen!

Our staff can do plated meals upon request.