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Bar Menu

Cash Bar

$250 Minimum.
Guests can open their own tabs at the bar and close them when ready.

Hosted Bar

$250 Minimum.
Choose the amount you'd like to host at your bar for your guests. Once you reach your hosted amount you can choose to keep the tab open or close it and let guests purchase their own drinks for the remainder of the event.
You can choose what is available for The host bar. Pick just cider beer and wine or have everything available on you.

Drink Tickets

$7.50 per Ticket
$250 Minimum.
Choose the amount you'd like to host.
Cider, Beer, and select wines only

Open Bar Packages

Must have a minimum of 50 guests. 3 hours of service.
Ciders and local craft beers ARE available only. Cocktails ARE not included but can be purchased separately.

4 Beer Choices
2 Cider Choices
Select Wines


We also have a full liquor bar and wine!

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