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TAPestry has a brand new look!

We've added a beautiful accent wall with barrels of cider actively brewing, creating an authentic and inviting atmosphere. Come celebrate with us and see the new decor changes for yourself! Schedule a tour on our website or by contacting us directly.

Nicole and Larry had a beautiful fairytale ending to a long and loving courtship. Our eyes misted more than once when we saw their joy and that of their family members who witnessed a day years in the making. They also included their beloved pups, which we love to see and took advantage of our custom cider and cheese pairing services for their reception. - Photos by Michelle Lee Photography

Maggie and Rob had the kind of wedding we'd have if we had to do it all over again. It was classy, yet unpretentious and fun. They spent a lot of time considering the craft beer and cider menu, and accented their reception with personal touches like individual pies for guests to take home.

The large five-piece band they hired was also a great touch, and their reception turned into a memorable party and concert. Photos by One Love Photography

We had a great time dressing the space for the photo shoot below. Break the Mold Photography did a fantastic job illustrating TAPestry's capabilities, and Custom Love dressed the space in timeless and elegant way.

You'll see from the photos that ceremonies are beautiful with the wood-lined walls and creativity with arches and table dressings can make the venue your own.